Training Assessment and Quality Assurance Qualification (TAQA)

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Training Assessment and Quality Assurance Qualification (TAQA)

Training Assessment and Quality Assurance Qualification (TAQA)


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What is Assessment and Quality Assurance Qualification (TAQA)?

There are two tiers to the TAQA qualification – a Level 3 award for Assessors and a Level 4 award for Internal Verifiers and Quality Assurance personnel.


The Level 3 Assessor qualification provide people conducting assessments with the opportunity to develop and improve their practical skills while achieving a professional qualification. All essential principles and practices of training assessment and quality assurance, including assessing competence and achievement will be covered. The qualifications consist of both competence-based and knowledge-based units.


The Internal Verifier Level 4 qualification prepares verifiers to meet the requirements of the qualification as well as developing and demonstrating their competence in co-ordinating the assessment process and assuring the quality of assessment.  The course prepares a verifier to develop their knowledge and skills to work effectively as an Internal Quality Assurer.

Why undertake this qualification?

This qualification is for anyone currently working in the area of assessment, interested in or needs to know more about assessment and quality assurance or hoping to take up a role either in assessment or quality assurance of assessment.  Some awarding bodies require assessors to have a formal qualification in assessment and quality assurance prior to delivering their accredited awards.


Both, Assessor and Internal Verifier and Quality Assurance, qualifications will assist you to progress your career in Lifelong Learning and Adult Education sector, in public and voluntary bodies, in Further Education and Training centres as well as Quality Assurance Managers in workplace training.

How will it benefit you?

The course provides assessors with the skills to assess the achievement of competence in a work environment and assess achievements in vocationally related situations of those undertaking qualifications.  A training centre or organisation with qualified assessors and internal verifiers demonstrate a commitment to quality assurance and feeds into a companies overall quality management system (ISO) and is very attractive to prospective learners wishing to choose a credible training provider.

Course Structure Level 3 Assessors

The course consists of three units and can be taken individually or in combination of 2 or 3 units based on your requirements.


Unit 1 is a knowledge-only route for those who want to know about assessment, for example managers or those new to assessment or who are not yet assessment practitioners and need to know about assessment and quality assurance of assessments.  It relates to the understanding of the principles and practices of assessments


Unit 2 relates to assessing competence in the work environment and is for those assessors or practitioners who assess the achievement of competence in a work environment using assessment methods such as observation, examining work products, discussion, expert witness statements, recognition of prior learning (RPL) etc.


Unit 3 relates to assessing vocationally related achievements such as classrooms, workshops, simulated environments, written assignments, case studies, RPL, etc.


On completion of all three units a Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement will be awarded.

Course Structure Level 4 Internal Verifiers

The Level 4 course also consists of three units with unit 1 being mandatory as it relates to the underpinning knowledge of internal quality assurance of assessment processes and practices.

Unit 2 relates to the internal quality assurance of assessment processes and practice within a training centre or organisation by sample planning, monitoring and advising on the practice of assessors.


Unit 3 is for practitioners who lead the internal quality assurance process within a centre or organisation and have responsibility for managing the quality of the assessment process, practice and performance of assessors.


On completion of all units a Certificate in Leading the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice will be awarded.

Entry Requirements?

Applicants wishing to undertake Level 4 Award in Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment must first complete Level 3 qualification.  For completion of Level 3 qualification applicants must have sufficient occupational competency in the area in which they wish to assess.


To undertake the competence-based units applicants will be required to have access to two learners in vocational training whom they can assess (Level 3) or two trainee assessors whom they can invigilate (Level 4).

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