How to Write a Safety Statement (Online)

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How to Write a Safety Statement (Online)

How to Write a Safety Statement (Online)


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What is 'Writing a Health and Safety Statement' ?

iSkill Training provide you with an introductory guide on how to create your own work place Safety Statement. The six step approach is designed to provide guidance to employers or those new to Health & Safety. Important definitions are explained, along with the role of the Health & Safety Authority. The Safety Statement is a legal requirement. It also reflects the culture of an organisation and shows commitment to keep employees safe. For best results it is recommended to pause during play and take notes on the six steps.

How will it benefit you?

The benefit of this course is that it is short and to the point. As an employer “time” is precious. With this in mind, the objective is to provide you with a simple six step workshop that can be implemented with ease of understanding.

Following completion of the online assessment you will immediately be given access to templates and examples which will help you on your journey to implementing proper health and safety practices within your business. Templates include:

  • Starting your Safety Statement
  • Example of Risk Assessment
  • Tried & Tested Risk Assessment Template

Course Structure

This course is delivered through our online learning environment. You will be given access to video covering the course content. There is also a short assessment to verify your understanding. Upon successfully completing this assessment, you will be issued with a digital certificate and badge.

What will you learn?

  • Understand Health, Safety and Welfare at Work
  • Understand the terms used in Health and Safety law
  • Analyse and understand the duties of an employer and an employee as specified in current legislation
  • The Role of the Health & Safety Authority
  • Identify and differentiate Hazards in the work place
  • Identify the Risks associated with these Hazards
  • Identify Control Measures and how they are implemented
  • Completing a Risk Assessment
  • Writing a Safety Statement

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