The Different Types of Learning Styles

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05 June 2018

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The Different Types of Learning Styles

The Different Types of Learning Styles

Over the years there have been many different theories on what the best way to learn is. We often depend on our senses to process information around us and to help us learn.  This is where the different types of learning styles come into play. One of the most commonly used models for learner styles is the Flemings VAK (Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic/Tactile) model. This identifies three basic types of learner styles.

The idea behind this is, that while studying, we can identify our preferred style of learning. By doing this we can maximise our learning experiences by focusing on the learning style that benefits us the most. Thus, making learning experiences more enjoyable.

The three different learner styles are as follows:

  1. Visual Learners – Learn best through seeing and looking
    • Will take detailed notes
    • Like to use pictures, demonstrations, diagrams, handouts, displays, films, flipchart, etc
    • Work best from written directions, lists and instructions
  2. Auditory Learners – Have a preference for listening and hearing
    • Learn by listening to others and reading aloud
    • Recording notes and playing them back
    • Listening to audiobooks
  3. Kinaesthetic Learners or Tactile Learners – prefer to learn via experience such as touching and doing
    • Best able to perform a new activity by learning as they go
    • Like hands-on experience and usually won’t read instructions first
    • Need to engage in a related task to understand a concept

Learners commonly have a main preferred style of learning. This doesn’t necessarily have to be one style and can sometimes be a mix of all the different styles of learning. It is also not unusual to use different learning styles for different tasks.  It is important to note that there is no right, or wrong learning style and it is about finding the type of learning that works best for you.

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