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26 April 2018


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Why it’s beneficial for your child to learn how to code!!

Why it’s beneficial for your child to learn how to code!!

We often worry about the negative effects the overload of media and technology can have on our children’s development. But the reality is that technology is here to stay. The way our children learn is changing and their brains are developing differently. We need to accept that kids are embracing technology from a very young age.

Teachers, parents, grandparents and child carer’s need to adapt their way of teaching to incorporate today’s technology.  With companies such as Intel and Google pressing for reform in our education system, it is great to see Ireland finally embracing these changes with Computer Science being introduced as a subject into the Leaving Cert this coming September.

This article highlights that technology and coding can have an incredibly positive effect on our children’s education and development if utilised in the correct manner.

Benefits of your Child learning Computer Skills and to Code at an early age:

  • Learning computing skills gives your child a good foundation for a lifetime of successful use of the technology in their everyday lives.
  • Following on from this, due to the sponge like nature of children’s brains, learning to code is easier to comprehend at a young age.
  • We all use smartphones, tablets, computers and various other technologies daily. Learning to code takes the mystery out of how things work for our children. It helps them to understand the ways in which the world around them works. It also teaches them how to solve everyday problems.
  • Your child learning to program will inspire them to communicate their thoughts in a structured and logical way. This is due to codes computational nature. They will learn how to break a big problem into small, step by step, manageable little problems. They will also learn how to solve each of these problems. This is an invaluable skill set that can be applied to everyday life.
  • Coding teaches our kids how to innovatively think outside of the box and solve problems more efficiently. There are infinite ways to code and solve problems in programming. This encourages children to grow in their learning and thought processing. Your child will learn that coding is like a ‘book’, with a logical beginning, middle, and end. It will also teach them that they can create the ‘book’ if they have the ideas to do so.
  • Another majorly important benefit is that computer programming is a universal language. Anyone who knows how to code can communicate across countries and cultures, without worrying about foreign language barriers.
  • Finally, we need to look to the future. It is vital that the children in our current generation have computer literacy to compete in the future job market. Not knowing how to code will be comparable to not knowing how to read. Almost all jobs today require at least some basic knowledge of IT skills. Coding specialists are highly paid and in large demand in our current market. The opportunities for this skill set is only going to increase in the future.

With all the benefits listed above, it is not surprising that Computer Science has at last been added as a subject in the Leaving Cert.  It’s great that we can now provide the children in our lives with the advantages and skill sets that coding provide. This in turn can be translated into almost any profession.

Here at iSkill Training, we are delighted to see these changes in our education system. If you think your child would like to kick start their education in coding, check out our beginner java programming courses which are available all throughout the summer.


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