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Dean Harrison

25 April 2018

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Getting Started with Java – Video Tutorial

How to install the JDK

This post has been put together to help install and configure the Java Development Kit (JDK) onto your machine. It focuses on a short five minute video which walks through the simple instructions of installing the JDK. Following that there is instructions on how to write a quick Hello World application. If you would rather follow the steps in text check out the written step by step guide below the video.

Instructional Video

Text Guide

  1. Download the JDK from Oracle website here
  2. Install the JDK once it has been downloaded
    • Ensure you take note of the installation path
  3. Open the Windows file explorer (Windows Key + E) and navigate your way to the JDK folder, more specifically the bin folder within it
  4. Copy the path from the address bar when inside the bin folder
  5. Open the Windows start menu (Windows Key) and type ‘Environment Variables’ and click on ‘Edit the system environment variables’
  6. Select ‘Environment Variables’ from the window that pops up
  7. Within the box at the bottom of the window “System Environment Variables” left-click on the Path and select ‘Edit’
  8. On the top right of the window click on ‘New’ then paste in the value you have previously copied.
  9. To ensure you have successfully set the system path open your command prompt (Windows Key + R then type cmd and press enter)
  10. Type the following into your command prompt followed by enter ‘javac -version’
  11. Once you get a valid version back it has been successfully set.
  12. You can now start compiling and running your Java code directly from the command line!

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